Q: What is Social Tongits?
Social Tongits™ is the first and most interactive Online Player to Player (P2P) Tongits Game using Virtual Money. Tongits is a game of skill, guts and strategy. Social Tongits™ makes the average player better and challenges the experts by playing with friends, relatives and players around the globe in a very friendly and live venue. Social Tongits™ offers an atmosphere as if you are in front of the other players and is quite realistic. You are not playing against a computer – you are in an even playing field against other Tongits players.

Our Social Tongits game is played very similar to the Tongits game played by friends, family, and neighbors using regular playing cards. The basic moves and game logic are ALL the same with some minor differences.

Q: What is the goal and how do I win?
There are 3 ways to win the game, described below. In order to win you must discard all your cards, or have the least amount of points in your hand when a Draw occurs or the deck runs out. read more

Q: How do I join a table?
1. Nagivate to Social Tongits.
2. Sign in with a valid ID and PASSWORD or create a new account.
3. Double-click on the table you wish to play listed in the middle of the lobby.
4. Bring loads to the table.

Q: How does the game flow work?
• Each player is dealt 12 cards, except for the dealer, who is dealt 13.
• Before play can start, everyone must ante. When it’s your turn, an Ante button will appear at the bottom of the screen that must be clicked, or, you can click the Auto Post Ante checkbox.
• The dealer is randomly selected for the first round, but for all subsequent games the dealer is always the Hitter (player that one the last game).
• The dealer starts the game by dumping a card.
• The next player can either pick from the dump pile or the deck. If a player chooses to pick from the dump pile, a meld must be made from the dump card picked. There are no requirements when picking from the deck.

Q: What is the card point values?
Ace 1
2-9 Face Value
10-KING 10

Q: How do you win the table jackpot?
The player that wins 2 games in a row will win the jackpot. Jackpot antes are made each round.

Q: How do I change my password?
1. Navigate in your web browser to player dashboard.
2. On the left side of the window, there will be a link called Change Password. Click this link.
3. The Change Password Form will be displayed.
4. Type in the new password; then type it again in the Confirm field; then type in your existing password in the Current field.
5. Click Update when complete.
***NOTE: the new password must be different than the existing password.

6. Click Reset to clear the form fields and start again.

account_menu change_password

Q: How do I change my email?
Navigate in your INTERNET browser to Navigate in your web browser to player dashboard.
On the left side of the window, there will be a link called Change Email. Click this link.
The Change Email Form will be displayed.
Type in the new email address and click Update when complete.
You will be prompted to validate the new email address.
Go to the new email address (please be sure to check the Spam box) and click the link to confirm the new email address.