Social Tongits™ is the first and most interactive Online Player to Player (P2P) Tongits Game using Virtual Money. Tongits is a game of skill, guts and strategy. Social Tongits™ makes the average player better and challenges the experts by playing with friends, relatives and players around the globe in a very friendly and live venue. Social Tongits™ offers an atmosphere as if you are in front of the other players and is quite realistic. You are not playing against a computer – you are in an even playing field against other Tongits players.

Our Social Tongits game is played very similar to the Tongits game played by friends, family, and neighbors using regular playing cards. The basic moves and game logic are ALL the same with some minor differences.

Social Tongits Game Differences

- Social Tongits is played with a Table Ante similar to the game of poker. A player has to Ante based on the Table Amount. Twenty Percent (20%) of the Ante goes to the Table Jackpot, which can be won if a Player wins two in a row. The Net Total Ante is won by the winner of the game.

- Five (5) Credits is allocated to the MegaJackpot, which is won if a player has a (bisaklat) 7-Card Escalera.

- The direction of the cards changes as a new game begins. If the first card is red, the direction is counter-clockwise. If it is black, the card direction is clockwise. You can see this by looking at the icon that shows a clockwise or counter-clockwise direction. This will ensure that there is no collusion (or dayaan) in Social Tongits.

- Five-Card Escaleras are paid separately (similar to Secrets in the regular game). At the end of the game, if the player has Five-Card Escaleras, and is the winner, each set will be paid 20% of the Ante.

- If a winner of a game is holding Kings or in their Meld Area, 20% of the Ante will be paid for each card. In the regular card game, Aces are the only ones paid. In Social Tongits, both are paid based on the rotation of the cards – Clockwise for Aces and counter-clockwise for Kings.

- Social Tongits has a timer. A player is given 35 seconds to pickup a card from the Dump Area or from the Deck, another 35 seconds to Meld and Dump a card. This is necessary to ensure that game play is fluid and fun.

Social Tongits will sharpen you game, improve your strategies, and you will know what it takes to be the best Social Tongits player.

How To Play

  • How do I join a table?
  • How does the game flow work?
  • What is the card point value?
  • How to win?

Betting Rules & Payouts

  • Rules for win by Tongits
  • Rules for win by deck running out
  • Rules for win by draw
  • Jackpot Rules

Social Tongits Terms

  • Table Ante Levels
  • Card Point Values
  • Dump, Hit, Meld
  • Table Jackpot, Mega Jackpot
  • Tongits!

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