Please watch this video, which shows you 10 Basic Rules of Social Tongits and read the instructions below.

How do I Join a table?

1. Nagivate to Social Tongits.
2. Sign in with a valid ID and PASSWORD or create a new account.
3. Double-click on the table you wish to play listed in the middle of the lobby.
4. Bring loads to the table.

How does the game flow work?

• Each player is dealt 12 cards, except for the dealer, who is dealt 13.
• Before play can start, everyone must ante. When it’s your turn, an Ante button will appear at the bottom of the screen that must be clicked, or, you can click the Auto Post Ante checkbox.
• The dealer is randomly selected for the first round, but for all subsequent games the dealer is always the Hitter (player, who won the last game).
• The dealer starts the game by dumping a card.
• The next player can pick either from the dump pile or the deck. If a player chooses to pick from the dump pile, a meld must be made from the dump card picked. There are no requirements when picking from the deck.
***NOTE: the PICK DUMP button will only appear if the available dump card can be made into a 3/4 of a kind or straight flush meld. • Play continues like this until someone wins, as described above.

What’s the goal and how do you win?

There are 3 ways to win the game, described below. In order to win you must discard all your cards, or have the least amount of points in your hand when a Draw occurs or the deck runs out.

Win by Tongits

If the player is able to use all of his or her cards in combinations, by connecting to opponents’ or the exposed card sets (sapaw), or if the player gets rid of all his cards, then the player wins by Tongits.

Win by Deck Runs Out

If the Deck Runs Out of cards and no one has initiated a Draw or won by Tongits, the player who has the least amount of points in their hand wins the game.

Win by Draw

If you think you have fewer points in your hand than any of your opponents, you can initiate a Draw. This is a direct challenge to the opponents and will end the game whether you win or lose the draw.

If another player initiates a draw, when it’s your turn, the options FOLD or FIGHT will appear at the bottom of the screen.

***NOTE: if you have melds in your hand when someone calls a Draw, the melds do not count toward the points in your hand – only unmelded cards.

When You CANNOT Draw:

• Until you have played at least one meld on the table
• If other players have connected cards to your MELD since your last turn; in this case you must wait one complete rotation before you can Draw (pickup from Deck/Dump, discard, then wait for your next turn to Draw)

When You CAN Draw:

• If you have not melded on your last turn and opponents have not connected to your meld(s). If you meld 4 or more cards on your last turn, you cannot DRAW because this is considered a SELF-CONNECT or SAPAW SARILI.

What is the card point value

Ace 1
2-9 Face Value
10-KING 10


Tongits is played by making melds (combinations) of 3 or 4 of a kind, or a minimum of a 3 card Straight Flush (there is no maximum on the number of cards that can be melded for a straight flush, i.e. if you are dealt 5-9 of clubs, you can meld them all at once).

• A meld can be made by clicking the cards in your hand to be melded, which causes them to shift up slightly, and then dragging them to your table space in front of your avatar.

• A meld can be made by clicking the Auto button, which moves cards that can be melded or connecting to a meld into your Strategy Area. Once the cards are in the Strategy Area, they can be dragged/dropped onto the table, or double-clicked to automatically move them to the associated melds. Or the MELD button can be pressed.

Melding Examples:

Three of a Kind & Four of a Kind
three and four of a kind

Straight Flush (3 cards)
straight flush

Straight Flush (5 Cards aka ESCALERA)

Using the Auto Button

If you have melds in your hand, when the Auto button is pressed the cards that can be melded will shift up so they can be identified and melded.

Connecting to Melds

In addition to making your own melds, if another player has melded a straight flush or 3 of a kind, you can connect a card to it if you have either the 4th of that kind, or a flush card that is immediately above or below the current straight.

• To connect to a meld, drag the card out of you hand and drop it onto an opponent’s meld.

Connecting Example: In this scenario, you can drag the 5 of Spades from your hand and drop it onto the opponent’s hand to connect to the meld and remove it from your hand:

Your Hand & Opponent’s Hand

hand1 & hand2